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BMHA Talks by Dr Phang for 2017

Come for the 2nd BMHA talk on 18/2/2017 (Saturday, 3-5 pm) at Sentul Buddhist Temple... 

Can we prevent suicide?

What can we do to prevent suicide? Is suicide associated with mental illness? What... 

Talk: Overcoming Stigma of Mental Illness

What is mental illness? Are people with mental illness violent? Do they have split... 

Talk: Genetics of Happiness

What is gene? How does gene affect mood? How can we control gene expression for happiness?... 

How to find a good psychotherapist?

What is a psychotherapist? Which type of psychotherapist should I go to? How do I... 

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Mental Health Talks by Dr Phang for 2017

Bring your friends and family to attend the series of mental health talks organized... 

MINDFULGym April 2017 Intake

Yeahoo! MINDFULGym is back by popular demand. MINDFULGym is a community project.... 

Annual General Meeting – 2016

BMHA is 6 years old. We're grateful for the support from Ven. B. Saranankhara... 

Donation from Berjaya

KL Buddhist Mental Health Association and other NGOs receiving grant for community... 

Forum on Nature of Consciousness

What is consciousness? Where does consciousness reside in the body? Where does consciounsess go... 

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MINDFULGym April 2017 Intake

Yeahoo! MINDFULGym is back by popular demand. MINDFULGym is a community project. Seats are limited (maximum of 20 participants per intake). Acceptance into the program is on first come, first served basis and subjected to the decision of MINDFULGym trainers. Please register only if you're sure that you could commit to ALL 5 Saturday sessions (April... [Read more of this review]

Mindful-CIKGU at Tiratana Sukha Dhamma School

The Mindful-CIKGU program is a mindfulness-based intervention designed to help school teachers cope with stress. Conducted by Sis. Low Mi-Yen & Sis. KC Chiang (clinical psychologists), the effectiveness of the program for reducing stress among school teachers is supported by scientific research done by Ven. Visuddhi in Help University. Gnanavisuddhi,... [Read more of this review]

MINDFULGym at SJK (C) Taman Rashna

The MINDFULGym program was successfully introduced to teachers of SJK (C) Taman Rashna, Klang on 5/7/2014. The four-hour Saturday training program was co-organized by Than Hsiang Mitra Welfare Center & KL Buddhist Mental Health Association. Conducted by Bro. Pheh Kai Shuen (clinical psychologist), It was held at the main hall of the school. About... [Read more of this review]

Mindful-TEEN & Parenting Programs at Samadhi Rainbow Program Youth Camp

A Malaysian version of Mindful-TEEN program made its humble debut at the Samadhi Rainbow Program (SRP) Youth Camp, which was held from 22-24th March 2014. The camp was organized by Buddhist Missionary Society of Malaysia (BMSM) in collaboration with KL Buddhist Mental Health Association (BMHA), and was held at the Samadhi Vihara.  Twenty... [Read more of this review]

Mindful-SPA (Sister Program of MINDFULGym)

Mindful-SPA is a group mindfulness-based program specially and locally designed by Sis. Low Mi Yen (clinical psychologist) for promoting self-care, emotional resilience, and happiness. It is based on state-of-the-art scientific research in mindfulness, cognitive-behavior therapy, and positive psychology; and inspired by the work of Dr. Kristin... [Read more of this review]

MINDFULGym at Berjaya Care Foundation

MINDFULGym was 'berjaya-ly' (successfully) introduced to Berjaya staff on 11/7/2014. The one-hour Friday lunch talk was co-organized by Berjaya Care Foundation & KL Buddhist Mental Health Association (BMHA). It was held at Berjaya University College of Hospitality, Berjaya Times Square. About 50 staff participated in the stress management... [Read more of this review]

MINDFULGym for Community…

KL Buddhist Mental Health Association (BMHA) has been organizing free mindfulness education for the community since 2010 in the form of the MINDFULGym program. MINDFULGym™ is a mindfulness-based stress management program specially designed for relaxation and wellness. Locally developed by consultant psychiatrist and founding president of... [Read more of this review]

The Mindfulness Movie NOW in KL

The Mindfulness Movie is a fun and educational journey showcasing the worldwide brain research proving the benefits of mindfulness and the public’s increasing awareness and acceptance of the practice. The movie celebrates those who have reshaped mindfulness into everyday, practical skills. Neuroscientists now tell us that the practice of... [Read more of this review]

Forum on Where Meditation Meets Psychotherapy

What is meditation? Is it a form of psychotherapy? Should a person with mental illness meditate? Is any adjustment necessary?     Further reading: Meditation & Psychotherapy – HERE.  Should A Person With Mental Illness Meditate? – HERE.  Post-retreat Slow-wit Syndrome  – HERE.   Read More →

Mindfulness & Care of the Dying

How could we apply mindfulness in caring for the dying? How to overcome grief with mindfulness? Why is it important to be mindful during the last moments life?    Read More →

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