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BMHA in Tzu Chi Hospital Survival Course

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The Hospital Survival Course was organized by Tzu Chi Malaysia for final year and recently graduated medical, nursing, and pharmacy students. It was held at the Tzu Chi Jing-Si Hall in Kepong on 29/6/2014 (Sunday), and participated by more than 200 students. Among the topics covered in the course was on coping with stress in hospital. KL Buddhist Mental Health Association is honored to be given the role to conduct this part through an one-hour sharing by its founding president, Dr. Phang Cheng Kar. The participants were taught various stress management skills: mindful stretching and muscle relaxation; deep and mindful breathing; mindful imagery; and gratitude workout using the magic formula "Google-WWW-Yahoo." They had a wonderful time learning the exercises are are simple, practical, and useful. With that, hopefully Tzu Chi & BMHA can have more meaningful collaborations in the future to benefit the community.

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