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MINDFULGym at SJK (C) Taman Rashna

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The MINDFULGym program was successfully introduced to teachers of SJK (C) Taman Rashna, Klang on 5/7/2014. The four-hour Saturday training program was co-organized by Than Hsiang Mitra Welfare Center & KL Buddhist Mental Health Association. Conducted by Bro. Pheh Kai Shuen (clinical psychologist), It was held at the main hall of the school. About 100 teachers of the school participated in two concurrent stress reduction ‘rest-shops’ which were presented in Mandarin and Bahasa Malaysia with similar content.The program was designed based on ancient principles of mindfulness and state-of-the-art research in positive psychology. Examples related to education context were included in the program in order to enhance the applicability of the mindfulness skills.Among the content presented were on the popularity of mindfulness, benefits of mindfulness, and Mindful-Gym tools: 1. Mindful Eating, 2. Mindful Stretching, 3. Mindful Breathing, 4. Mindful S.T.O.P., 5. Mindful Bubbles, 6. Mindful Imaginary, and 7. Google-WWW-Yahoo.


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