Monday, August 10, 2020

Talks & Videos

Ajahn Brahmavamso & BSWA – HERE

Talks on Mental Health by Ajahn Brahmavamso


Mind That HealsAudio

How to use Dhamma to reduce Stress and Sickness?
By Dr. Ong Tien Kwan, M.B.B.S 

Mental Illness, Spirits or Charm?

By Dr. Phang Cheng Kar (M.D., M.Med.Psych)

Available HERE.


depression talk

 Contentment As An Antidote For Depression

 By Dr. Phang Cheng Kar (M.D., M.Med.Psych)

 Available HERE.







1. Cognitive Neuroscience Of Mindfulness Meditation by Dr. Philippe Goldin

2. Mindfulness Meditation by Dr. Jon Kabat Zinn

3. Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction & Healing by Dr. Jon Kabat Zinn

4. Mindfulness Affirmation by Dr. Phang Cheng Kar

5. Dealing With Emotions by Ajahn Brahmavamso

6. The Power Of Mindfulness & Compassion by Ajahn Brahmavamso

7. Coming To Our Senses by Dr. John Kabat Zinn

8. Change Your Mind Change Your Brain by Ven. Dr. Matthieu Ricard

9. Mindfulness & Buddhist Contemplative Theory by Dr. Jonne Dune

10. How To Live Without Fear & Worry by Ven. Dr. K. Sri. Dhammananda

11. Buddhist Meditation & Neuroscience by Dalai Lama, Dr. Richard Davidson & Dr. Eric Kandel

12. The Mindful Brain by Dr. Daniel Siegel

13. Documentary on Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction by Dr. Jon Kabat Zinn